To gain power, resources and freedom for people with disabilities to actively participate without encumbrance in all aspects of the community.

The Connection Communities Coalition (CCC) – Oregon’s first cross-disability coalition – was launched in late 2009 to fill a gap in the disability community and address the need for an all-inclusive coalition focused on removing barriers. CCC is unique in that it includes nonprofits, businesses and individuals. Anyone interested in disability issues is invited to join.


In 2008, armed with passion and a vision to recapture the ADA spirit, Portland Habilitation Center NW reached out to connect the many bodies of their community, joining in with representatives from:

The result of this multi-organizational collaboration was the successful 2009 Connecting Communities event, which launched the CCC.

CCC is uniting and celebrating all people living in our community and raising statewide awareness of disability advocacy organizations. CCC has more than 90 members and is growing rapidly.

The CCC is partly funded by a corporate sponsorship from The Standard Insurance Co.